We think differently

At MOBILIS we specialize in providing custom clinical solutions for various orthotic applications. Through the use of modern technology and innovation, we provide efficient products while contributing to the society and Healthcare industry

We believe in a multidisciplinary and outcome-based approach. We work closely with the specialists, doctors, therapists, parents, and anyone who influences the outcome. Nothing is more important to us than making our patients happy and satisfied. Together we can make it possible!


Paediatric Head Deformities Clinic

We treat abnormal head shapes in infants with innovative orthotic solutions


Sports Orthotics Clinic

MOBILIS sports orthotics division focuses on bringing solutions for sports professionals through intensive cooperation with medical experts, physiotherapists, and athletes.


Paediatric Orthotic Clinic

MOBILIS PAEDIATRIC ORTHOTIC CLINIC is specialized in providing custom made solutions for neuromuscular conditions for children, including lower limb and upper limb orthotics and custom moulded seating systems.  


Spine Deformities Treatment Clinic

MOBILIS Spinal deformities treatment clinic is highly effective in the conservative treatment of spinal deformities in the region.


Pectus/Chest Deformities Clinic

Mobilis provide conservative custom solutions for all types of Pectus / Chest deformities 


Adult Leg And Hand Orthotic Clinic

MOBILIS adult leg and hand orthotic clinic provides bespoke solutions for all types of adult neurological and orthopedic conditions including stroke, spinal cord injuries, and neuromuscular disease.


Foot Orthotics/Insole Clinic

We provide a range of foot orthotic solutions carefully tailored to the individual’s activity levels

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