Ankle Foot Orthosis

An ankle-foot orthosis, or AFO, is mostly custom made device intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for lower limb muscle weakness, or correct/Prevent ankle deformities,provide a base of support while standing or walking, It facilitates training in skills and to improve the efficiency of gait. AFO’s are used to increase range of motion in the ankle joint, maintaining or improving levels of function and stability. It helps to maintain muscle length as the bones grow and preventing or overcoming some of the secondary effects of the disability leading to adulthood.

Tip Toe Walking

Tip toe walking is one of the most common motor impairments in children and adults with cerebral palsy, this also occurs in other disease or disabilities. The impairment is often indicating with a shortening of the calf muscles and Bone misalignments of foot and ankle joints. Habitual tip toe walking is common under 3 years of age, As the child getting older, child should start walk using entire base of the foot including the heel. If the child continues to walk ‘toewalk” It might be caused by Achilles tendon. This cause calf muscle tight and walking without touching the heel on ground.

The TEAM and Treatment Plan

A multi-disciplinary team approach is vital for the desired outcome measure. Frequent follow-up and regular communication with treating physician and therapist help us achieve the goal. Following a proven treatment plan based on patient condition also plays an important role.


Digital Transformation from classic Manufacturing for Better

We follow the most advanced measurement and manufacturing techniques for a perfect fitting device that is very crucial for the desired effect. A non-fitting orthosis will do nothing but delay the therapy goal. We want to make sure that we don’t miss any time window for achieving such milestones in every treatment progress.


Ring Principle Orthosis concept

Ring orthotic concept is a successful orthotic treatment for reversible spastic ankle joint deformities more than 25 years. It was first developed in 1994 in Germany. Over the years after long Research and development, the orthosis design has continuously improved and successfully tested over thousands of patients around the globe. MOBILIS clinicians have treated hundreds of patients with cerebral palsy and habitual tip toe walking with ring principle AFO,

The rigid ring frame stabilizes the lower ankle in an anatomically correct position and prevents from deviations. At the same time, the heel is locked in orthosis and secured against slipping up. A leather-lined liner ensures pressure-free and comfortable foot bedding and protect skin from sweating. special adaptation technique is used to connect the foot section to the calf section. Innovative metal joints prevent movements in the wrong position and allow movements in the correction including foot rotation.

Orthosis should have a snug fit?

Yes, the custom orthosis should fit perfect to the body contours. Any left space inside the orthosis allow an unwanted movement. An unfitting orthosis adversely affects child’s prognosis and it will help nothing but wasting a potential time frame which can positively influence child’s physiotherapy trainings. The accurate snug fit only possible through digital manufacturing techniques. Our hundreds of patients are happy leading an active life with excellent outcomes


23 Hours bracing

Most of the cases physician recommends 23 hours bracing with a combined day/night treatment. A dynamic orthosis used in the day and a positioning orthosis to wear at night gives desired outcome.


Weight bearing or Positional AFO

A young child with cerebral palsy or developmental delay may not be able to stand due to high or low muscle tone affecting their foot and ankle position. Weight-bearing AFOs can be used during physiotherapy and home training to improve weight-bearing posture, helping children to learn to hold themselves upright. A positioning AFO, prevents or treats a contracture deformity of the ankle.

MOBILIS 3D printed AFO, works perfect and look great. The digital manufacturing leaves no space for foot malposition, and it provides a stable, secured base for standing and initial gait training. Our many cute little kiddos already accepted it as their new jewellery with their name printed on it.


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