We are blessed with many talented sports professionals in the region, but an unexpected injury can even ruin their Career. Thankfully, there are many world’s renowned sports orthopedic specialists and physiotherapists in the region working hard and treating these injuries to help sports professionals and get them back in the field to excite us again.
MOBILIS sports orthotics division focuses on bringing solutions for sports professionals through intensive cooperation with medical experts, physiotherapists, and athletes.
Our goal is to help the athlete get back on the field as soon as possible after injury, as these injuries are time-consuming and career-limiting. Our experienced team has worked with many professionals who are happily back in the field, participating in the sports they love.


High Intensity Sports Knee Brace

Knee injury is one of the most common injuries suffered by many sports professionals. Majority are affected with their anterior cruciate ligament. In addition, a considerable amount of people also suffer from other knee problems including posterior cruciate ligament injury, injury to the collateral ligaments and meniscuses, complex knee instabilities, cartilage damage and arthrosis, knock-knee and bow-legged mal-positions etc.

The anterior cruciate ligament, which serves as the central stabilizer, is the most commonly injured ligament in the knee joint. Mostly, five years after an anterior cruciate ligament injury, over 80% of patients suffer from painful meniscus injuries and it leads to arthrosis.

Individually Designed Custom-Manufactured

If sports physician decides to proceed with conservative treatment, the knee joint can be protected by custom knee brace individually designed for our customers.

Earlier,  many customers had to be satisfied with the off-the-shelf braces available in the market or they had to travel abroad to have an extremely expensive custom knee brace. Ever since MOBILIS sports orthotic clinic offered our sports line, it’s much easier to have a custom-manufactured brace as per the European standard in the region.

Sports professionals in extreme sports need a brace with reliable strength and durability. A torsion-resistant frame with carbon fiber and extreme load-bearing titanium joint fits perfectly to the skin to make possible the extreme sports they love to do. Our most modern manufacturing technology is unique in the region.


They are Unique

Our customer’s skills are unique and no one can replace it which is why they cannot leave their dreams halfway because of an unexpected injury. We, at  MOBILIS, understand the pain of an athlete. Whatever it may be the sports, from motocross / off-road, mountain biking, ski, American Football, ice hockey or wakeboarding, we create the brace according to the biomechanical requirements. Finally, they can forget the pain and chase their dreams!


RAPTOR face protective mask

Raptor by Invent medical is a 100% custom 3D printed mask made for athletes protection while suffering facial fractures, recovering in post-surgery and preventing injury in contact sports. We have covered all the sports, including soccer, basketball, handball, rugby. Whatever may be your sports, we will create a custom-designed Raptor mask 100% specific to the face and sport.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

Raptor mask is a marvelous hybrid product when we combine clinical experience with advanced design and the newest technologies such as 3D printing, 3D scanning and digital design algorithms. The mask has been tested to achieve the maximum strength and protection. The design of the mask is thin and light for comfort and Raptor mask will not interfere with field of vision.


Sports Brace

Apart from custom-made braces, MOBILIS also offers a wide range of braces and supports from world leading manufactures to stabilize the joint during activities. These products are fitted after the assessment on required stability and according to medical indications.

MOBILIS is an authorized distributor of Thuasne, a French manufacturer of high-quality Knee braces and supports, spine braces and supports, hand and finger braces and supports, and foot and ankle braces and supports.


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