Foot Orthotics/Insole Clinic

Foot Orthotics or Insoles are placed into shoes to control or correct abnormal lower limb motions and alignment. They are commonly known as orthotics, orthotic insoles, functional foot orthotics or orthotic inserts.

For many foot and ankle conditions, foot orthotics can be the solution. The most common abnormal motion that orthotics can correct is over-pronation or flat feet. It is also used to treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain, metatarsalgia, shin pain, collapsed arches, bunions and Achilles tendonitis etc.

Foot Orthotics prevent movements that are excessive during activity due to the speed of motion. For example, pronation at the incorrect time of the gait cycle (walking) or pronation that happens too rapidly will cause overuse of the foot, foot pain and possibly even injury. Both types of pronation can be controlled with foot orthotics.

The aim of using a foot orthotic is to relieve the amount of strain on the foot which will help to reduce foot pain. This is achieved by supporting the anatomical arches of the foot.

Foot orthotics are most effective when worn with well fitted supportive footwear. Even the most effective orthotics will not function properly when placed into old worn-out shoes or common sandals.


Design your orthotics

A bespoke foot orthotic design starts from the detailed evaluation of the feet. After the thorough examination, our orthotist starts designing the orthotics according to the medical indication, age, activity level, shoe types, bodyweight etc. It is equally important to have an experienced clinician as well as the right orthotic design which fits your lifestyle.

It is also essential to do a few follow-up visits with us for orthotic adjustments if it’s necessary before the final fitting.

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