Proprioceptive/Sensomotoric insoles are therapeutic CAD designed custom insoles manufactured for the elimination of malposition of the foot and functional pain. With a principle by setting sensory stimulation in the foot area, The changes in the foot and lower leg cause short musculature tension. Like a chain reaction, sensory information is transported up the leg towards the proximal region and is triggering a learning effect at spinal cord level. Muscles of the shin area are activated and help to stabilize the heel. At the same time, stronger activation of the calf muscles stimulates external rotation of the foot.


There are many studies have been performed worldwide about the medical effects of sensomotoric insoles in different adult and paediatric medical pathologies, below are the few conditions we treat at MOBILIS

KIDS: –Flat Feet, High Arch, Club Foot, Splay Foot, Tip Toe Walking and Neurodevelopmental gait training

ADULT: – Foot Drop and Sports


How it works

Our body has afferent pathways to transmit stimulus to brain end efferent pathways to send signals to body parts from the brain. The complete system of this information transfer is called senso-motoric system. Propriosole is manufactured with specific trigger points to stimulate specific neurological areas of the foot. Such information is transferred to the central nervous system. These stimuli are processed and translated into muscle movement, and it positively influences on foot positioning and body posture.

Proprioceptive orthotics can accurately control specific body movement by modifying the intensity and level of muscular activity while improving coordination and joint stability at the same time.

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