Upper limb Orthotics

Upper limb orthotics are primarily used on the fingers, hand, forearm and upper arm. When an orthopaedic hand specialist or occupational therapist works with neurologically impaired children or hand injuries, the three most common orthotic concepts used are functional resting, thumb abductor and anti-spasticity orthosis mainly to maintain or improve range of motion (ROM). They use these orthoses for various reasons, and such orthosis is are effective in achieving several therapy goals.

Kids are notoriously resilient, but even those who heal the fastest or develop a deformity if not treated. Hand orthosis in general support proper rehabilitation and alignment of growing bones and ligaments. An orthosis acceptance by the child is based on maximum functionality, pleasant wearing comfort and a beautiful design.

MOBILIS hand orthotic clinic is a premium provider of all the range of hand orthosis with knowledge, competency and experience. The options are endless. We provide the orthoses from skin-friendly and light materials and tailored to your individual needs.


Custom hand orthosis for Infant

An interdisciplinary treatment concept for hand orthosis involving the doctor as well as the supervising physiotherapist or occupational therapist together with a hand specialized orthotist in the orthotic treatment, ensures optimal quality of care. Consistent use of orthosis and acceptance of orthosis by the child is a vital requirement for successful orthotic care. MOBILIS clinicians make sure to achieve this through maximum functionality, pleasant wearing comfort and a beautiful design in our devices.


Static or dynamic hand orthosis

Positioning hand orthosis [Static] are used to fix the affected joints in a corrected position were a Dynamic hand orthosis corrects deformities like shortening of the tendons and muscles by applying dynamic forces, it is possible by using different types of innovative external metal joints.

Product designs are decided by an orthotist according to the therapy goal from therapist or physician and medical diagnosis. The requirements vary from providing guided movement to single/multiple hand joints or allowing joint to actively extent while restricting flexion movement. The external metal joints and material selections are made accordingly. Using lightweight skin-friendly material also vital, especially when treating neuromuscular conditions to avoid additional problems because of device weight and cheap quality materials. MOBILIS also pays great attention to make attractive designs to promote the child wearing orthosis continuously.

3D Printed Hand Orthosis

3D printing is a unique technology, and it has the potential to take over many current traditional orthotic solutions, and it has an enormous growth in the last few years. There are some excellent materials currently available to 3Dprint medical-grade products like hand orthosis, which is mechanically and functionally meet our requirements.

In 3D Printing technology, the design options are unlimited. The advantages are, not only able to print beautiful looking products with our patient’s choice of colours and personalization but also can print the most perfect fitting products with minimal production time.

3D printing also allows us to integrate metal joints, Silicon component for sensory facilitation or sensitive skin area, Special secure closure systems or even your favourite watch or jewellery.


Silicone technology in hand orthotics

Custom Silicon technology in hand orthosis is new in this region, and It plays a crucial role in active rehabilitation.

Our unique silicon lab offers hand orthosis with excellent properties. Thanks to its flexibility to supports essential ranges of motion and muscle functions. Its pleasant wearing comfort and elasticity make silicon unique in nature. It is also easy to clean.

We make custom-moulded silicon orthosis and prosthetic components by using highly pure medical-grade silicon. We also offer a choice of colours to look at the device beautifully.


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