Supra-Malleolar Orthosis [SMO]

Supra-Malleolar Orthosis [SMO] supports the leg just above the anklebones or malleoli. The SMO is considered the shortest of the Ankle Foot Orthoses or AFO’s.SMOs are prescribed for patients who have soft, flexible, flat feet. SMO’s are often worn by children.
The SMO is designed to maintain a vertical, or neutral heel while also supporting the three arches of the foot. This can help improve standing balance and walking.



SMO supports patients with foot and ankle pathology difficulties that are not controlled with conventional foot orthoses mostly with pediatric and adolescent age group.

Pronation- The medical term for the pronated foot is pes planus, pes Plano-valgus, or hyper-pronated foot.


Tri-planar instability in weight bearing

Inability to stand independently

Mild toe-walking

Developmental delay

Delay in acquiring gross motor skills

Poor coordination or balance


How It Works

Through the use of extremely thin, flexible thermoplastic or a unique combination of glass and carbon fibre, the SMO compresses the soft tissues of the foot with its unique design. It stabilizes the child’s feet while still allowing for natural development. The pressure exerted on the foot cartilage slowly mould to correct position of foot structures before it forms the matured bone. The specialized construction of the device allows all-natural movements of the feet, which is mandatory for organic muscles and bone growth.


MOBILIS foot orthotic clinic offers many design variations according to the functional requirement. Design types and Material selections are made by our clinicians purely based on the expected clinical outcome. MOBILIS also has developed 3D printed SMO with amazing functional properties and excellent aesthetic opportunities.


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