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Passive Asymmetric seating orthosis

Children and young people suffer from cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and other disorders, which require a custom moulded seating system. The asymmetric seating system indicated for those who cannot self-propel the wheelchair with postural deformities such as pelvic obliquity, scoliosis, leg-length discrepancy, or some other severe postural deviations in the healthy posture.

MOBILIS seating specialists individually assess the requirement and design a perfect fitting seating orthosis to address the medical issues.


  • Aluminium seating shell
  • Vacuum measured,3Dscanned and CAD designed.
  • Custom Seat width from 20cm-50cm.
  • High-quality materials used including covers from Europe.
  • Different mobility base for the indoor and outdoor use
  • Seat height adjustable with gas spring: also fits nursery tables
  • Kantelbar means of gas pressure spring from -5 °to 35 °
  • Push handle possible for better transport
  • Expandable with footrest system

Treatment Goal

Pelvic stabilization Activate back extensors to allow an erection of the trunk

Prevent severe structural muscular and skeletal changes

Address head, mouth, hand motor deficits, sensory and coordination deficits

Address pronounced asymmetric contractures, cervical deformities, hip dislocations

Treat/prevent pressure ulcers

Improve pulmonary dysfunction and internal organ dysfunctions

Measurements and Assessments

A detailed initial clinical assessment together with occupational therapist/Physiotherapist will take more than an hour to evaluate patient current musculoskeletal conditions, Treatment goals, other social living requirements will be carefully considered during seating orthosis design by MOBILIS seating specialist. Our advanced measurement technologies allow us to capture the accurate physical parameters later converted to a most comfortable seating orthosis


Choose the Right Chassis

The mobility requirement for each patient is different, from moving indoor to unrestricted outdoor mobility. Selection of right chassis is made by treating therapists, parents, and seating specialist. The user’s mobility requirement and self-propulsion ability play a significant role in determining the proper frame. MOBILIS work with international manufacturers to choose from comprehensive options


Switch between chassis made easy


MADE IN UAE, European quality

First time in the middle east MOBILIS has developed the first “Smart” concept facility for seating and positioning in the world – With most advanced clinical services and production facility with an assembly-line model, designed for one flow manufacturing with the support of cloud computing, robotic supported manufacturing, electronic data exchange technologies, electronic line assembly, 3D printing and much more managed by German clinicians with more than 25 years’ experience and since 2009 in the Middle East working towards excellence in assistive rehabilitation technology.


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