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Active Asymmetric & Symmetric Seating Orthosis

We design and manufacture custom seating solutions for active sitting users who can self-propel or potential self-propeller to actively correct the posture during prolonged sitting.

We use standard active wheelchair base with fixed seat, backrest, and dorsal iliac crest support.

Such Moulded Seating Systems are designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality, a thorough clinical and environmental assessment will help us to design the best possible option.

It is also important to choose perfect fitting wheelbase from the vast choice of wheelbase options, which provides excellent performance. Symmetric seating is used for that who doesn’t have any spine or trunk deformity. If the patient has any deformity, asymmetric seating is suggested.

The main objective is to actively correct the posture during prolonged sitting and prevent developing and postural/structural deformities.


Custom moulded seat and back unit system with the active wheelchair for Pediatric and adults

Aluminium seating shell

Bean bag vacuum measured,3Dscanned, CAD designed and Robotically carved

Manufactured in UAE.

High-quality materials used including covers from Europe

Lightweight aluminium frame and foldable

Back height selectable

Push rim drive

Push rim: aluminium, stainless steel

Wheels: selectable wheel sizes


who would benefit from a custom active seating orthosis?

  • Asymmetry in the posture of the pelvis, trunk, or hips, with reduced flexibility.
  • Hypertonia or hypotonia, spasticity, or athetosis.
  • Reduced or absent sensation in an area of contact with a seating system.
  • History of, or currently suffering from, pressure ulcers on an area of contact with a seating surface.

Choose the Right Chassis

For active mobility wheelbase, there are many options available in the industry according to the requirement for each patient depends on the age, outdoor mobility restrictions, activity level etc. MOBILIS work with international manufacturers to choose from comprehensive options


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