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What You Should Know About
Scoliosis Spine Brace Therapy!

November 3, 2022


What You Should Know About
Scoliosis Spine Brace Therapy!

November 3, 2022

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature in the spine. A side bend which is simultaneously associated with a rotation of individual vertebral bodies. The ribs connected to the vertebral bodies also rotate, forming a so-called rib hump in the area of thoracic spine, often with a rotated counter curve that creates a lumbar hump. The spine shapes an S or a C and includes the hip into the deformity. The most common type of scoliosis is known as “Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis” (AIS) which develops during the adolescent growth spurt and accounts for around 85% of the cases. It affects healthy children and adolescents between the ages of 2 to 16 years. Most scoliosis have no known cause and it occurs 10 times more often in girls than boys.


Unfortunately, untreated idiopathic scoliosis has a strong tendency to progress into further deformity with significant risks, resulting in reduced physical mobility and efficiency with a decrease in life quality. During natural aging, it can also cause early degeneration of the spine. Misloaded intervertebral discs can cause nerve irritation in the thoracic or lumbar area with sensory disorders in arms, hands, and legs as well as severe back pain. Also, let us not underestimate the mental stress through the cosmetic deformity of the trunk and the resulting reduced body size Cobb.

The physical signs of Scoliosis are:


  • Sloping shoulders
  • Having one shoulder blade stand out more than the other
  • Unsteady waist
  • Hip one higher than hip two
  • The rib cage on one side protruded forward.
  • When leaning forward, a prominence on one side of the back

In the majority of cases of scoliosis, the spine will also rotate or twist in addition to curving in one direction. As a result, the muscles or ribs on one side of the body protrude further than those on the other.

Bracing as the Therapy:

Children and teenagers who are still developing with minor to moderate curves require brace therapy. The majority of patients with curves between 20˚ and 40˚ would benefit from bracing. Braces must be worn up till the patient’s growth has ceased. In some situations, the patients continue to wear even after their growth has ceased. It aids with posture and spinal balance.
According to the research, brace therapy can protect some curves from getting worse. It saves patients from getting surgery. Bracing treatment is unlikely to be effective on large curves larger than 40˚. According to SRS(Scoliosis Research Society), brace therapy is beneficial in slowing growth in a considerable number of skeletally immature teenagers.

How do scoliosis braces function?

The main objective of a Scoliosis brace is to stop your spine from getting curved as the patient grows and correct three-dimensionally as much as possible. The brace is tailored to hold the spine in a straight and unrotated position. The multi-directional corrective force is much more accurate in digital manufacturing techniques including CAD designing from a 3D spine scan and Robotic milling.


Mobilis solid brace

MOBILIS Spine Clinic provides the SCOLI3D brace, a CAD brace, after a comprehensive scoliosis orthotic assessment. We, at MOBILIS, have created our unique design based on the research and established ideas of leading scoliosis researchers. All the elements of the scoliosis curve are taken into consideration when developing the SCOLI3D brace treatment. Each brace is created and fabricated individually for the patient. The procedure aims to gradually lengthen, straighten and correct the spine.

Manufacturing at MOBILIS

Majorly, the SCOLI3D production is digitally planned. It starts with the 3D scan of patient. Our team of CAD designers create the brace digitally before sending the file to a 7 axis robotic carving machine to create the spine model. During CAD design, corrective force, rotational correction and counterforce are extensively considered in order to achieve an acceptable spine correction. These steps assist us in precisely taking care of every aspect.

Fitting Trials at MOBILIS

The trial fittings at MOBILIS involves comprehensive fit checks, minor adjustments and ample time for the patient to try the corset. Post the adjustments, the expert will assess them to ensure a perfect fit. At MOBILIS, we schedule a control appointment after two weeks of wear period to examine the pressure zones.

Duration of Scoliosis Treatment

MOBILIS Scoliosis Clinic suggests its patients a one-year follow up treatment for best results. This one year long treatment involves consultations and growth adjustments. It becomes important if the curve is progressing. Our specialists commit to a customized strategy which proves to be successful. We incorporate a tiny wearable time monitoring sensor within the brace only after the patient’s permission. This helps us to monitor the wearable time of the brace. This also assists in planning and direction of the optimal treatment strategy up until the next follow-up appointment. For best results, a rigorous procedure should be followed and monitored.

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