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Foot orthotics (Insole) & Orthopedic Shoes(Medical Shoes) everything you should know

March 23, 2022


Foot orthotics (Insole) & Orthopedic Shoes(Medical Shoes) everything you should know

March 23, 2022

“Foot orthotics” are custom made orthosis for your feet that falls under prescription medical devices. to correct biomechanical foot issues such as problems with how you walk, stand. Many feet medical conditions are treated with foot orthosis. Foot orthotics are prescribed by orthopaedic specialists, Podiatrists, Sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists. For orthotics in kids, either Pediatrcian or pediatric orthopaedic specialists are prescribed.

The custom foot orthotics will have longitudinal arch support, metatarsal support and heel support. The density of the material, foot correction is based on the medical condition and foot biomechanics.

The terms “foot orthotics” and “foot inserts” are frequently confused. Inserts that you can buy in stores without a prescription. They can be constructed of a variety of materials, including gel, plastic, and foam. Inserts fit into your shoes. But they’re not custom-made for your feet. They can provide arch support or extra cushioning on the heel, around the toes, or for your entire foot. Inserts may improve the comfort of your shoes, but they aren’t intended to treat or prevent foot disorders.

“Orthopedic Shoes” are therapeutic footwear and other related supportive devices for your feet. They are used for the prevention or correction of disorders of the feet and legs. Your doctor may prescribe them to alleviate pain, correct deformities, prevent injury and/or improve function

Orthopedic shoes are many types, Pediatric medical orthotic shoes, Diabetic shoes, Medical shoes for many orthopaedic conditions and comfort shoes for men and women.

The orthopaedic shoes are either ordered according to their size or custom manufactured according to the patient measurements.

How it works?

how do foot orthotics or insole work for flat feet and heel pain? While standing, walking, or running, firm arch support improves lower limb bio mechanics. Orthotics for flat feet help alleviate pain, balance your body, and align your spine, reducing the risk of developing problems in your ankles, knees, back, and hips. Insoles also provide shock absorption and provide long-term relief.

Foot orthotics Indications

Custom insoles helps with foot pain and numbness caused by medical conditions such as over-pronation or flat feet(collapsed arches), plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Heel spur,high arches,metatarsalgia, shin pain, bunions, hammer toes and Achilles tendinitis diabetes, bursitis, and arthritis. Orthotics might even help you avoid surgery to fix flat feet

Children with flat feet are frequently advised to get a customized insole with or without medical shoes. Alternatively, supra malleolar orthosis (SMO). The SMO’s are three-dimensional orthotics that efficiently correct the foot, having a direct impact on cartilages in the right position that will convert into bone as the youngster grows older.

The providers

People frequently inquire, “Where can I find the best custom foot orthotics, insoles, and orthopedic shoes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?” “The best flat feet doctor in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?” “Custom insole store near me?” MOBILIS foot orthotics clinic provides high-quality orthotics and prosthetics services by well-experienced clinicians in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. MOBILIS use German insole materials and Shoes for high durability.


How foot orthosis manufactured?

There are many ways Custom foot orthotics are made

CAD foot Orthotics: – After the detailed examination and computerised scan by your orthotist, the feet scan is later CAD designed and milled by a robot. Many different density EVA materials are used according to the medical condition, Body weight and patient physical activities.

3D Printed foot Orthotics: – are designed by computer and manufactured by 3D printing. The medical products are manufactured by SLS (Selective laser sintering) and Multijet fusion 3D printing technologies. The material used is medical grade poly amide

Hand Made foot orthotics:- Many medical issues necessitate the specialist handcrafting orthtics by combining multiple materials in multiple layers. EVA, Carbon lamination and a variety of other materials are used.

Starting with Custom insoles and Orthopedic shoes

Your body will typically take 2-3 weeks to get used to your new foot inserts. During this period, follow these simple rules to have the best transition:

Start by wearing your orthopedic foot orthotics 2-3 times each day.

On Day 1, wear your orthopedic foot orthotics for 30 min during each time you wear them.

Extend your wearing time each day by 15-30 min until you can comfortably wear your all day, every day during all activities.

Your new orthopaedic shoes are generally more comfortable than other types of shoes on the market. You’ll prefer the comfort of these shoes than your current ones.

How much do foot orthotics cost? Does custom foot orthotics(orthopaedic custom insoles) covered by insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

These items may only be covered if your policy includes the “Durable medical equipment/medical appliances” benefit and if insurance’s eligibility criteria are met. Coverage will be subject to policy terms and conditions and medical necessity. The foot orthotics and orthopedic medical shoes requires pre-approval. In Dubai, the patient has to pay and reimburse if their insurance covers the orthosis. In Abu Dhabi, the orthotic clinic applies for pre-approval.

What Orthopedic Medical shoes, Children medical shoes, Medical shoes for diabetics are best for orthotics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Shoes for orthotics:- Orthotists mostly recommend trainer/sports shoes with spacious toe box, deep inlay for accommodating insoles and high heel part with stable heel counter for the stable ankle.

Children’s Medical shoes: – Should be spacious for accommodating the orthotics and high heel part with stable heel counter for the stable ankle.

Diabetic Shoes:- Should have extra depth inlay, spacious toe box, comfortable and stretchable upper.

The soles are specially made for shock absorption and proper bio-mechanics.

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